OjO Subscription Box—Pay 6 Months Up-front and Save 20%

OjO Subscription Box—Pay 6 Months Up-front and Save 20%

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Pay $95.95 plus free shipping up-front and save 20%.

You will receive 2 OjO Boxes, every 2 months for 6 months. After this your subscription will automatically end and you will have a chance to resubscribe with the same plan or choose another.

Please note we currently only ship within the US.

If you would prefer to pay monthly or 6 months up-front, take a look at our other payment plans.

"It's so easy to pick up and he surprises me with how easily he is able to build the correct atoms. I was worried he might lose concentration towards the end of the game but he didn't. Just really chuffed that he is already learning the basic concepts of science."

C.F.B. reviews Atomic Force, Nov 2019

We chose a bi-monthly shipping plan because it saves on shipping costs and carbon emissions from the would-be extra journey.

Suitable ages

We recommend the OjO Box for 4-7 year old boys and girls.

Inside the box

Every month, you will receive:

  • Board game
  • Storybook or activity pack
  • Stickers

The first box will also include a sticker book for your child to record their achievements!

Our returning customers

If you are already a loyal OjO customer and own one or more of our games, please let us know and we will be happy to switch out that month for you, if necessary.

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The curriculum

Each box is themed around a different topic that your child will love. To learn more about the topics, how we integrate STREAM learning and what skills your child can build, click below.

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