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Your OjO Box contains an educational board game and accompanying story book, plus stickers to record your achievements!

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The Geometry Box

The Coding Box

The Math Box

The DNA Box

The Chemistry Box

The Environment Box

Why choose OjO?

We support STREAM learning

That's Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Math! Our games and stories build STREAM skills and knowledge.

Inspiring future innovators!

Our games help children to develop creative problem solving skills, the foundation to innovation.

It's easy peasy

We design the activities, you sign up and receive amazing educational resources every month for your child to enjoy and learn.

We're OjO: the games and learning factory!

Everything we produce is designed by experts and tested by kids.

Very good game. I bought many science games, and I found this one is unique because it teaches him to put complex shapes together.

Lawtio reviews Shape Factory, Dec 2019

It's so easy to pick up and he surprises me with how easily he is able to build the correct atoms. I was worried he might lose concentration towards the end of the game but he didn't. Just really chuffed that he is already learning the basic concepts of science.

C.F.B. reviews Atomic Force, Nov 2019

This game was given as a gift. It was enthusiastically opened and instructions were read. Easy to understand, suggested for space lovers!

Amazon Customer reviews Space Rescuers, Feb 2020